FUKA Story

AURA TECH INT'L LIMITED is an innovative, sophisticated, and high-performance producer of electronic cigarettes. We are a team of professionals and experts that has been working together since 2016.

FUKA is not just a word. It represents much more than that...

Let's trace back in history to the ancient times when the old Greek Gods gathered at Olympus. They used to enjoy FUKA, the heavenly ATHENA'S favorite aged tobacco which was specially crafted made, and blessed by APOLLO and illuminated by the thunderous strike of God's King ZEUS. All the Gods at Olympus would appreciate the divine taste of FUKA.

In ancient times, the word FUKA meant "Smoke Heavenly Tobacco". Today we are proud to provide the world with electronic cigarettes "FUKA" that offer the best quality performance and heavenly flavors.

You only live once, just FUKA it.